The technology that our technicians make them much more efficient.  Their GPS enabled tablets give them access to any information they need about your pool, including your ph history and links to manuals specific to your filter system should they have to repair something or simply adjust any settings.

This same technology platform has options for customer notfications.  Would you like to receive a text or email before or after each visit?  No problem, we can do that.  We beleive that the more information you have access to about the service we’re providing, the happier you’ll.  You’ll also have access to a customer portal at any time to check statements, pool chemistry or schedules.

We want our technicians to be happy. We do this by not overworking them and giving them any tools we can to make thier job easier.  One of the most important tools that all of our technicans have is the Hammer Head Pool Vacuum system.  This system allows them to very quickly and efficiently remove debris from the bottom of your pool.  An added benefit to you is that use of this system doesn’t push all that stuff on the bottom of your pool through your filter system.  Many independant operators choose that method, which we think is bad for the technician and bad for the customer.

The most important thing we give our technicians is TIME.

Many large pool services expect thier technicians to clean 10 to 20 pools per day.  We beleive in doing the job right, and we just don’t see, even leveraging best in class technology and tools, how a technician can do a good job servicing that many pools per day.  We try to limit our technicians to 12 pools per day to give them the time to do the job right.  They appreciate this and in turn, you get serviced properly.

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